When the holidays come around, you will have expanded opportunities to reach clients through social media marketing venues. Most people are in a festive spirit and it’s the time for interacting with family and friends, so this can be an excellent time to show some good will and make lasting impressions. Incorporating the holidays into your online presence is easy with the ideas here.

Changing the background of your social media sites is a simple thing to do and can easily be changed as soon as the holidays are over. So get creative and interject some holiday graphics and messages onto your pages. Be careful to be inclusive of all faith, however, remembering that there is more than one group celebrating faith-based holidays around the same time. If you really feel strongly about your own religion and do not want to acknowledge others, then in the very least keep messages to a generic wish for happy holidays. You could also just use festive graphics without text.

Just because you are savvy with online marketing does not not mean that you should rely entirely on this. It is quite possible that your clients may want a break from their computers after shopping on them for hours on end. So make sure you also include some more traditional means of marketing to existing customers, especially if your business is location-based in your own city. This can be as simple as sending a holiday card or refrigerator magnets.

The holidays can be an excellent time to offer promotions and specials. It is, after all, the one time of the year when people have their wallets wide open. Pay attention to early shoppers, but also save some special deals for the last-minute buyers. Statistics say that a large percentage of these are male shoppers, so make sure you keep that in mind as well.

Brainstorm for ways that holiday themes can be related directly to your products or services. Think of stories or anecdotes and tell them briefly on your social media pages. More so than other times of the year, clients will be open to personal touches. This can be a great time to introduce your family or let clients know about any charities or community service projects that you are involved in. Encourage giving and make an example for others to follow.

Above all, make shopping easy for your visitors during the holidays. Suggest specific items and provide a link from your social media pages to the exact place where they can click and buy. People are rushed and harried, and will greatly appreciate anyone who goes out of their way to alleviate stress and give them more time with their family during the holiday season.

Though it may be easy to think that you can take a break from marketing over the holidays, that is not a wise thing to do. Use the ideas here to join with your online community in celebrating the season and welcoming in the new year.