Media MailThe Parcel Post was put into practice by Post Office officials in 1913. This is now the method that Media Mail uses to send packages. Media Mail is a convenient approach to send diverse kinds of media by way of the USPS. Media Mail takes more time than first-class, but at much cheaper rates than other shipping services that are offered.

Media Mail was in the past known as “book rate”. The title was adjusted to include various types of media. A service provided by United States Postal Service (USPS), media mail enables people to ship packages at less expensive rates.

Media Mail Rules

Media Mail is simply for the purpose of shipping media products. It is a cost-effective method to ship books, video tapes, sound recordings, recorded computer-readable media (DVD/CD) and printed music. Media Mail is restricted from contain any advertising except for incidental notices in books. Shipping services restrict items that may be sent through Media Mail.

Each package sent by means of Media Mail is susceptible to being searched. If it is found to contain unpermitted items, the package can be returned to sender, or an added fee will be charged upon receipt. One example is magazines. They aren’t eligible for Media Mail due to the fact that they feature advertisements.

Media Mail Shipping Guidelines

Media Mail has restrictions on what can be shipped and also packaging. The shipments must be less than 70 lbs in weight and less than 108 inches in length and thickness. Like most rates, the price of Media Mail shipping increases with the weight of the package.

Typically, Media Mail packages take between 7 to 9 days to reach their destination, but some have reported deliveries taking up to a month. This will be greatly impacted by the distance to the shipping location and time of year. The reason for lower charges and longer shipping times is that Media Mail packages are shipped entirely by truck.

In order to track packages, delivery conformation services are usually available for purchase by the sender. This added service allows senders to be notified upon arrival of their Media Mail package.