Media Mail rates are dictated by the weight of the package to be shipped with no regard to shipping zone.

Media Mail Shipping RatesRates: Identifying Single Piece Weight

To establish rates for single piece mailing weight of non-identical packages, measure each piece separately. To establish rates for single piece mailing weight of identical packages, measure a 10% sample at random. Then, divide the total weight of the entire sample by number of pieces in the sample. Convey all single piece measurements in pounds rounded off to 4 decimal places.

Media Mail piece rates are calculated per pound. All fractions rounded up to the next whole pound. So for an item weighing 4.235 lbs, the postage increment is 5 lbs. Minimum postage rates for Media Mail per piece is for 1 pound. Tracking services are available for a fee.

Calculating Postage Rates: Permit Imprint

To determine total postage for a mailing, take each increment weight and multiply the pieces by the relevant price per piece.

Calculating Postage Rates: Postage Affixed

Affix the correct postage for the weight rates increment to each piece.

Media Mail Shipping Rates