Everyone gets a ton of emails every day. As a merchant, you have to think of ways to make your emails stand out so they do not end up in the trash can. The competition for a reader’s attention is high. That means you need to come up with some good strategies to stay ahead. If you want some good ideas on how you can improve the quality of your emails, read this article.

An easy way to get someone’s attention is by using his name. You can configure your email marketing application to fill the greeting with your email recipient’s first name. This makes your email more personalized, as if you are directing your message just to him. This is a lot better than to just referring to your reader as “customer”.

When you offer your web visitors a chance to subscribe to your emails, offer them a choice of frequency. Some readers who have great interest in your content may opt to receive emails weekly, while others may choose a less frequent interval. Give them a choice as to what type of content they would like to get. Some people like to stay updated on news in your industry. Some people like product announcement. Others may just be interested in getting coupons and incentives. Tailor their emails to their preferences. The more personalized the experience, the more likely the reader to stick with the subscription.

The ability to easily and painless unsubscribe is very important to every email subscriber. A lot of people have experienced the nightmare of getting stuck on someone’s email list even when steps were taken to opt-out. Some unscrupulous merchants would require a written letter, a phone call, or other inconvenient ways to remove a recipient from the email list. As a responsible merchant, you should make the opt-out process as easy and straightforward as possible. When your reader sees that opting out is simple, they are more likely to give your emails a try.

Sometimes a recipient configures his email to use a strong filter in order to weed out spam. There is a chance that your emails will end up in a spam box. To prevent that, ask your email subscribers to add your email address into their “safe” address list. This way, your email will show up in the inbox where it belongs.

Make your emails easy to read. Avoid any fancy formatting with images because sometimes, the images do not display in an email properly. Some people turn off their email’s image display so their messages will load faster. As a rule of thumb, provide your content in the form of real text, not as an image with text. This ensures the legibility of the email.

If you apply these tips to your email marketing campaign, you can improve the quality of your content. Spend some time to test different formats, and monitor the response rate. Keep track of what produces the best results, then use these to tailor your future campaigns.