Social Media Marketing: Facebook Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

More and more businesses are scrambling to make a presence for themselves on Facebook and the other social media networks. It seems easy enough to do, right?! You set up a page on Facebook and your customers will flock to it. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to create a name for yourself by putting your business page up on Facebook. The following article shares some things that you should avoid when you are working on your social media marketing campaign.

Once you have your page set up and people have liked your page your job is far from over. One common mistake is leaving your page to fend for itself. It is important that you regularly share updates and provide fresh content. About once every day or two share a status update. It does not have to necessarily be a “status”, but it can be something like a question posed for your fans to answer or a new way to use on of your products. It could even be a testimonial from a happy customers.

It is important to also keep your information updated. Look over your profile every now and then to make sure the information is current and make changes as needed. It is important that your information is correct and up to date so your customers will have as much information as possible as they need to make purchasing decisions.

Another mistake that many people make is posting unprofessional or petty content to their page. Your readers do not want to read about what you had for dinner (unless it pertains to your business). You also need to make sure everything you post is relevant to your business and is professional. If someone asks what you perceive to be as a silly question, or if an unhappy customer makes a comment, do not respond with unprofessional words. While you may not be happy, do not put things out there you may regret later.

Your social media page is for you and your customers to interact. Many businesses make the mistake of leaving the interaction up to their customers. Make yourself present on your Facebook page. Ask questions and encourage your readers to respond and you can respond, too. Also, respond to all questions asked pertaining to your business to the best of your ability and in a quick fashion. The more of a presence you make, the more your business will be seen as a person instead of an entity. When customers view your business as a someone or something they can relate to, they will be more likely to give you their business.

Social media marketing is a great strategy that many people are seeing success with. There are many things you must do, and not do, though, if you want it to work. Use the tips shared here and you can make your social media marketing efforts work out great for you, your customers and your business.