The holidays are a great time for you to kick your marketing efforts into full swing. The opportunities are prime and potential customers are out in full force. Chances are you are already advertising during this busy time of year, but adding social media marketing to your current advertising efforts will do nothing but kick your sales up a notch. Try out the tips shared in this article and you can see your efforts pay off when you use social media marketing.

If you do not already have a social media page you need to set one up for your business. It is important that your page is professional. It should instantly communicate the vibe of your business that you want your customers to take away from their visit on your social media page. Be sure you add information to your page, too. You want to have your website or physical store address, how your customers can contact you and also what your business is all about. It is also quite helpful to have pictures on your social media page. Pictures say certain things that words can not get across.

Once you have a page you are happy with, you will want to add in seasonal backgrounds and pictures. Make your page as decorative as you can, even over the top. While some will think it is a little much, it will not sway them from shopping at your store. Many people will enjoy their time at your page and it will show them that you are excited about the upcoming season. Just be sure that you don’t go so far overboard that you cause your page to load slowly. That’s a sure way to drive customers away.

Another thing you will want to do is offer your subscribers some sort of special for the holidays. What can you offer that will be hard to pass up? Will your customers appreciate free shipping? How would they like a free item with purchase? Find something that your customers really want and offer it as a holiday special to those who are subscribed to your page.

Giving to charity is another action that many people like to see. Pick a charity that you feel like your customers will be glad to support. Have a certain percentage of your sales go to the charity. Be sure that you share this information with your audience and they will be more likely to make a purchase. Who doesn’t like to help out the less fortunate during the holiday season?

One thing that can help customers make a final decision is seeing that other customers have been happy with your products or services. Ask previous customers to share testimonials, pictures or both. Offer some sort of special offer to those who have something to share. Post these words or pictures on your site for everyone to see.

The holidays can be a great time for your business. Amp up your marketing efforts and use this as a time to share what you have to offer with the social media world. Use the tips shared here and your holiday efforts can help grow your profits.