One of the fastest growing platforms for marketing any business is the realm of social media. Even if you have no interest in using this part of the Internet to get new business, you need to so your competitors do not take your current clients away from you. Do not let it intimidate you though. Getting started should be simpler to understand once you read this article.

Start on Facebook. You likely already know of Facebook, and probably have a personal page there yourself. This is also the central hub of social media, so it is good to plant your flag here first. Find your existing customers and get them to Like your page. Their Facebook friends will see these Likes and hopefully check you out themselves.

In addition to finding Facebook friends, find the Facebook pages of your competitors. Keep an eye on them and see what techniques they are using to lure followers to their pages. Do the same to keep pace, and brainstorm ways of doing things better.

Make sure that your business is registered at Twitter. Given the character limit, you are not going to be publishing interviews or press releases here, but you can keep followers up to date on little tidbits of information about your business.

Make sure that your business website has a blog. This is hands down the best way to get information out to the world. Update your Twitter and Facebook accounts every time that a new entry is up, both to alert readers and get search engine friendly backlinks.

Do not ignore LinkedIn. While you can create great bonds with your individual customers through Facebook, LinkedIn is a great place to enhance professional relationships and bonds with other businesses. Your business LinkedIn profile is likely going to be quickly found by anyone researching your business online, so make a good case for yourself here.

Also find your competition on LinkedIn. See what they are doing right, and wrong. Learn from them. Duplicate what they do right until you do it as well as them, and then find ways to do it better.

Do not ignore the power of the viral video. YouTube is a mainstay of the Internet, and now Pinterest has a video section to. Come up with something funny or truly enticing, and encourage your Pinterest followers to repin the video. It does not take much of a push to get a video into a viral state. The burst of attention your business gets from this viral state might not last more than a few days, but it gives you a chance to make your presence and website known to people past those you already know, and that is what social media marketing is all about.

Social media is here to stay, and so is the power of it to keep and bring in new customers to your business through further exposure. Follow the ideas presented in this article, and you should have no trouble getting social media marketing started easily and quickly for your business.