Five Effective Rules For Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile marketing is easy in theory; get the word out to people on their phones and tablets. In practice, however, it’s more of an exact science. You need to carefully consider everything you do in mobile marketing, in order to achieve results. Read over the following tips to increase the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign today.

1. Make it simple. Although it may be tempting to dress up your message with a lot of HTML fancies, mobile marketing works best without a lot of fanfare. Anything too complicated will take too long to load for people on the go, and many users even restrict messages from downloading images, to conserve on their data plans. Consider how fast your message will load and try to see things from the user’s perspective.

2. Keep it short. Each line in your mobile message is valuable, so make every word count and try to incorporate what you want to say in a nut shell. Don’t waste time or space chatting up a customer and rambling on about anything; get your message across quickly with a solid call to action that leaves them wanting more from you and knowing exactly how to get it.

3. Localize content. Statistics from Google and Bing indicate that nearly 50% of all mobile searches are local; gear your messages to that end. If you can localize your product or service, make sure you are available via local mobile searches that will get you direct action from customers. If you’re not fit for a local search, then zero in on target audiences uses that formula. For example, if mobile users in transit on public vehicles are more likely to purchase gloves and scarves, then target your message locally to places like New York and Boston where there is a thriving population of commuters using subways and buses.

4. Be specific and timely. Your mobile message should be zeroed in on a specific product or promotion and within a certain time frame. Don’t just tell your recipient that you’ve got the best product and prices, tell them specifically that you have product X available right now for Y dollars. Unlike PC shoppers, mobile users usually make the decision to buy within 24 hours, so make them an offer they can’t refuse, or at least can’t forget.

5. Convert with ease of use. You main mobile message was a call to action, so getting the customer to the next step should be smooth and easy for them. When they answer your call to action and sign-up or visit your site right then and there, don’t make them have to do it by zooming in, pinching or having to reach for their glasses. A squinting mobile customer probably won’t convert; make your process flawless and your site ready and able to accommodate the mobile sale while you have the customer’s attention.

Mobile marketing can be a very important part of your overall business strategy and let’s face it; everyone is mobile these days. Done right, mobile marketing will expand your customer base and increase your bottom line.