Email marketing through mobile phones is a very popular thing today. Experience and studies show that a great strategy to maximize the impact of marketing through email is to use parts of your audience to test parts of your emails. This is a technique known as A/B testing. Throughout this article you will find four strategies that will help you use A/B testing to make your email marketing the best that it can be.

The first step in A/B testing is to make sure that when you are testing that you only alter one thing in your emails. Altering more than one thing will make differences very hard to keep track of, and will only make A/B testing more complicated. Once you choose that one thing that you will alter in your emails you are on your way to successfully applying A/B testing to your email marketing. Make sure that you are consistent in your subset.

The second step in A/B testing is to find an ideal subset size. The goal size is big enough so that your data is believable, but not too big- you want to make sure that it does not affect your entire process. If you decide to do A/B testing at different times, consider changing your subset size and compare the results that you see after A/B testing is complete. This way you will know what the ideal subset size is for your particular business.

Step three is to take into consideration how you want your emails. A/B variants include having emails strictly text-based (emails with only text), or HTML emails (these emails will feature anything from colors, different font sizes, tables, etc.). Picking what format you want for your emails is pretty important and should be made after considering the pros and cons of each type. If you find that the results you want are not the results you are getting, you may want to consider changing your email format and experimenting with what works best.

The fourth and final step in A/B testing for email marketing is to make sure to include testing subject lines. Using different subject lines as a choice for A/B testing can dramatically change how effective your email marketing is. If you have subject lines that do not capture your audience’s attention, you will not gain as much business as if you had an engaging subject line that made the reader want to open and read your email.

If you follow A/B testing effectively in your testing of your email marketing, you will see that your email marketing will be worth the time. Not only should you see a positive response in your business, you should also see that your customers will be more engaged in your emails. While the process of A/B testing in email marketing seems time consuming and complicated at first, you will find that A/B testing for email marketing is well worth the time it takes and usually results in positive changes in your business.