Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience, which is why it should become an important aspect of your customer service. Keep reading to learn more about email marketing and customer service.

You should set up different automated emails to thank customers after they order a product and let them know when you ship their product. Send out another automated email a few weeks later to tell them they should contact you if they have not received their product yet and ask them to send you feedback. These automated emails should be very short and simple and there should not be more than three or four of them for each order. If you want, mention your newsletter and add a link to your subscription form but do not use these automated emails to advertise your other products.

You should set up a different kind of automated emails for the customers who already subscribed to your newsletter or gave you their email address along with the permission to contact them. Use quality email marketing software to send out personalized emails to wish your customers a happy birthday and offer them a discount. You could also send out some personalized emails for different holidays if you want to offer discounts or promote a certain product for the holiday season.

List your professional email address on your site, blog, social networking profiles and on your business cards. You could even add it to the receipt you include in the orders you ship. Let customers know they can contact you by sending an email and you will answer as quickly as possible. Check your emails as often as possible, and take the time to write an individual answer to everyone. Let customers know you appreciate the feedback they send you, and be as helpful as possible when you receive questions. Do not hesitate to follow up with a customer to make sure they were able to find the product they were looking for.

If you receive complaints via emails, it is important that you establish communication successfully with the customer. Keep in mind that they might need to vent at first before they are able to give you more details and reach an agreement with you. Do not get into an argument. Adopt a professional attitude, remain polite and ask questions to find out what went wrong. Give your customer more than one option. You could for instance offer to send a refund, give them a new product or a gift card. Once you have reached an agreement, follow up with the customer to make sure they received the new product or the refund and offer them a discount or another incentive to increase the chances of them ordering products from you again.

These tips should help you improve your email marketing campaign while providing your audience with an excellent customer service. Communicating with your customers will become much easier as you get more experience and become more confident in your ability to settle arguments.