Many businesses today use social media to promote themselves, and for good reason. Social media allows a business to reach out to a nearly unlimited number of customers. If you are going to choose just one network to work with, then Facebook is a good choice. Read on for some great tips on how to use Facebook to promote your business online.

You need to make sure your choose the right URL for your business’s home page, and this is no different on Facebook. Try and grab something that is both memorable and relevant to your business. This will help people remember where you are in the massive animal that is Facebook. If you use your company name or brand name this will make things even better.

Take the time to fill out every aspect of your Facebook profile. The more information that is available about your business the more likely people are to actually spend money with you. Being open and honest about your business helps people to trust you and your product. By being clear about who you are and what you do potential customers know exactly what they can and cannot expect from you.

Don’t just rely on the default Facebook layout to bring people rolling in. It may be fine when you first start your page, but spending time on a custom layout is important. You need to make your page memorable, and a custom layout, tailored to your business’s needs, can go a long way towards that goal. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, it just needs to be unique and interesting. There are plenty of tools available to fit any advertising budget, so there is really no excuse for not getting your page set up to reflect your business.

You can help keep fans, as well as attracting new ones, by offering discounts that are exclusive to your Facebook page. You can also reward old customers by sending them deals through Facebook that only they can redeem

Make your page interactive by adding games, trivia, or contests to your page. By rewarding winners with a small prize you can greatly increase active participation. This gets people to learn about your brand in a format that does not feel forced or boring. Many people will join just for the chance at the prize, and may end up as new customers regardless.

Take the time every day or two to interact with people that post to your page. By answering questions or complaints promptly with a well written reply you can actually turn a negative into a positive. This shows potential customers that you are there for them even when they have an issue they need resolved. Customer service is an important aspect of any business, and your Facebook page is a great place to show your customers that you are there for them.

There are many different social networks out there, and you will probably be part of more than one. However, Facebook is a great place to interact with your customers on both a large scale and personal level. Use these tips on your Facebook to help you generate a successful social networking campaign.