Top Five Social Networks You Should Use For Your Business

There are hundreds of social networks to choose from, but it is in your best interest to do your research and join sites your customers use regularly. Read this article to learn more about the top five social networks.

Facebook is obviously the most popular social network. You should create a Facebook page for your business to reach out to a large percentage of your audience. Facebook allows business owners to create official pages for their brand. These pages offer more features than individual profiles, but customers can only ‘like’ these pages instead of adding you as a friend. You should creating both types of accounts, explore their different features and choose how you want to interact with your customers.

Twitter is an easy way to share short messages with a large number of people. You will have to keep your updates as short as possible, and find a way to get your subscribers to retweet your updates. In other words, to hit the share button to share your content with their own subscribers. You can make Twitter easier to use by shortening your links thanks to services such as and by using Twitpic to upload pictures.

Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular in a lot of different subcultures. This site allows users to create image boards that reflect their interests and share these images with their Pinterest friends as well as their Facebook and Twitter contacts. This could be a great way to get your entire catalog online and encourage customers to put together image boards that include your products. Find out how many of your customers use Pinterest and what they do on this site before you create an account.

Reddit is not the most popular network, but it is a very efficient way to share information. This site allows you to create short blog posts, as well as collections of links. You could use it to promote your own product pages and articles or to provide your audience with a complete guide on a topic related to the products you sell. Tumblr is very similar to Reddit and might be more popular among your target audience.

You should consider creating an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is designed to help professionals connect with each other and share details about their career. A LinkedIn profile can function as a resume. This site is not a good way to stay in touch with your audience, unless you sell products and services that business owners would be interested in. You could use LinkedIn to create professional connections with your sellers and your partners, recruit new people for your business and connect with former colleagues and classmates who might be able to help you expand your professional network.

There are many more sites you could use to promote your products. You should have your customers answer to surveys about their favorite social networks and establish your own top five list in function of the sites your customers use.