Merging Your Newsletter Into Your Blog for Better Social Media Marketing

If you’re spending time composing content for a blog and a newsletter that you mail out to your list of email subscribers, consider merging the two to help create better quality social media marketing. Use the suggestions below for merging your blog and newsletter without sacrificing your opportunities to reach your target audience.

It cannot be stated often enough that people’s inboxes are flooded with communications from businesses they’ve contacted for one reason or another over the years. While your newsletter may be carefully crafted, can you really be sure about the results you’re getting by sending it to people on your email list? Consider replacing newsletter content with a much more narrowly defined goal for your emails to customers. These emails can include suggestions to visit your blog, or can highlight business announcements such as particular sales or benefits for your subscribers without including additional materials.

Read all the opinions available online about whether to continue your blog and your emailed newsletters before changing your approach. There are those who swear by the traditional newsletter as an invaluable tool in building community that helps their social marketing efforts. There are those who despise the newsletter format because it ends up becoming burdensome to generate sufficient content and interest from users in creating the social community imagined when they undertook the endeavor.

Your blog’s content can include newsletter information in a more conversational and inviting tone. You can still report business news in your blog and invite comments from readers, users and customers while conveying information. Blogs don’t have to merely contain fluff or information about events, activities or efforts designed to entertain your readers.

Concentrating on content for one means of social media marketing, such as your blog instead of requiring yourself to generate content for one or more social media marketing such as a blog and a newsletter can help you improve the quality of the content you’re providing to users.

Social media participation does not always translate to sales. By keeping in mind that your ultimate goal is to improve sales for your business, you’ll be less likely to mourn the departure of lots of communications from those receiving your emails who write to you with inquiries or advice.

Help your newsletter email audience transition into the more public forum of your blog so that they can engage with one another and not simply you.

Consider changing your blog’s format to include your favorite parts of your newsletter. You can do this by adding bullet points or subsections within your blog such as a “thought of the day” or “deal of the week section.”

If you decide to include some of your blog’s content on additional social media, such as Facebook, be careful about duplicating content. You can avoid this risk by focusing on the purpose of your communications for each type of social media you use.

Today’s blog sites are flexible enough to meet the needs formerly met by business newsletters. Use the suggestions above to consider merging your newsletter content into your blog for effective social media marketing.