There is no doubt that the world of marketing has seen drastic changes in the past decade, with the Internet emerging as the prime tool for both getting across a message and making sales. Even if you already have a business website, you are missing out on a major method of marketing online today if you are not also actively using social media networks. If you are new to this world, then fear not. It is actually quite easy to get started with some tips you’ll read here.

If you don’t already have your own business website and domain name, then you will need to do that first. Your social media pages will work hand-in-hand with the website where you actually conduct business. Choose a domain name online that reflects exactly who you are. If possible, have it include your actual business name as well as something that reflects the nature of your business. This will do three things: help customers remember your website address, aid potential new clients in finding you, and help your ranking in search engine results.

Create a blog and keep it current. There is a lot of mystique out there about what “successful blogging” is all about. It is very simple, though — blogging is writing in a first=person voice about things that you are interested in and have a level of expertise to write about. Think of it as a newspaper column, the kind that is identified with a single person who writes it on a continuing basis. People start to feel a connection to a blogger if they write engaging content, have a likable style and provide information that is useful to their lives. Run this blog on your website using blogging software that allows readers to join in the conversation with comments.

Now you are ready to create pages for your business on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Making a Facebook page will allow you to post content similar to your blog, and can even include the same postings if you don’t have time to write separate ones for both your website and your Facebook page. The important things if to keep the content current, meaning no outdated specials or announcements of things that have already passed. Post often, using no more than 500 words to get across what you have to say.

Linking you social media pages and your business website is crucial. Think of Facebook as somewhere to engage with your clients and give them extra information with a casual tone of voice, then provide links directly to your business website so they can narrow down their choices on products and get specifics on ordering. Make sure every page on your website has a “Like” button for Facebook and put it in obvious places. Include the “Like” button at the top of every page in clear view and at the end of each article. When clients “Like” you on Facebook, every contact in their Facebook circle will see this and will potentially visit your own pages. This is free marketing for you and it has been proven to work.

Use some of these ideas here to start integrating your business presence with your associated social presence on the Internet. Experiment, be bold and enjoy the process.