Do you need some help with developing your social media marketing campaign? Take a few minutes to read this article and learn more about efficient social media marketing techniques.

Do not limit yourself to Facebook. Facebook is currently the number one social network, but there are hundreds of other sites popular among certain groups and subcultures. Facebook might not be the top network for your target audience. Try identifying the top five social networks your customers use by having them answer to surveys and by reading studies on social media and your target audience. Do not hesitate to join new sites and wait a couple of months before you decide to keep using them or not. It is important that your campaign remains adapted to your target audience at all times. You also need to stay up to date with new technologies such as tablets or the latest generation of mobile phones since these devices allow users to access social networks.

Focus on sharing quality content on social networks. Your subscribers will quickly lose interest if you do not share anything valuable, useful, original or fun. If you cannot find anything worth sharing, it is best not to update your social networks. Plan on updating your social networks three or four times a week if your subscribers are not online on a daily basis. If your typical customer spends at least a couple of hours on social networks every day, do not hesitate to update your profiles more often. Avoid sharing the same update twice and try sharing the same content on all your social networks, although you might have to slightly change the format.

Attract customers by offering an incentive such as a discount or a chance to win a free product. Social networks are a great platform to organize contests and to launch new products. You could request customers to connect with you on these sites to have access to coupon codes, exclusive information about your new product or to enter a contest. Be creative and make sure your social media marketing campaign gets a lot of exposure in your other campaigns, for instance by adding links to your profiles on your blog or in the signature of your emails.

Make your social media presence as interactive as possible. Use social networks as a customer service platform and share content your subscribers will want to comment on or share with their friends. Everyone should feel comfortable about commenting on your updates, writing on your page or sending you a private message. Remain professional, friendly and do your best to help the customers who contact you. You could also get people to share their own content with you such as pictures of the products they ordered for a chance to win free products or gift cards. Keep in mind that some target audiences will be more receptive to these techniques than others.

Use these tips to improve your social media marketing campaign. Be patient and focus on making one change at a time for better results.