Do you need to find more customers and boost your sales? You should try using social networks to attain this goal. This article is filled with useful tips on how to gain new customers through social media.

Start by developing a solid presence on social networks your typical customers use. Some social networks are popular among a certain subculture or an age group. You need to define your target audience in detail and find the social networks that correspond to this audience. If you need help, organize a contest and give out free products to the people who answer to a survey about social networks and list the sites they use the most. Join these sites and familiarize yourself with the different features to get a better understanding of how your customers use these social networks.

Get your current customers to connect with you on social networks by adding links to your profiles on your site, in the signature of your emails and in your newsletter. Present your social media marketing campaign as valuable and give examples of the kind of quality content your subscribers will have access to. People will subscribe to your updates if you share original and interesting content as well as valuable information such as coupon codes for your products. You might have to offer an incentive such as a free sample or an immediate discount to your subscribers.

Once you have a good number of subscribers, you can focus on attracting new customers. Your existing customers probably have some friends who correspond to your target audience. On most social networks, the friends of a user can see what the user does, such as commenting on your posts, writing on your page and tagging you in pictures or in status updates. Your goal is to get your subscribers to interact with you as much as possible so their friends notice this activity and visit your page. You can achieve this goal by sharing content that will make your subscribers react, using social networks as a customer service platform and by organizing contests.

You can get new customers by placing ads on social networks. Most social networks will let you buy ad space or allow you to promote your updates for a fee. Some networks feature popular updates from different brands on their homepages or in the feed of their users. You could also look into developing an app or a game that users of a social network will want to play and share with their friends. Viral videos or pictures are also a great marketing tool if you can get your content to go viral. Try creating a fun and original ad or asking your customers to take funny pictures of themselves using your products and wait for people to share this content.

These different techniques should help you find new customers via social networking. Keep track of your results and do not neglect your other marketing strategies while you develop your social media presence.