If you’ve begun mobile marketing, including the placement of banner or paid text ads on various sites or apps, you’ve probably noticed that the language you choose can make a huge difference in how content appears on mobile devices. Use the suggestions below for creating text copy that will effectively communicate your message in mobile marketing.

Use ideas that have worked well before in advertising materials you’ve generated for other platforms. If you’re not satisfied with prior marketing campaign ideas you’ve come up with for your business, do some research on what types of concepts work well in selling your business’ service or product.

Determine the type of writing you’re most familiar with, whether it’s explanatory or informational, or even if you’ve designed ad campaigns that make pitches to consumers.

You should always write out your marketing ideas in the style of writing in which you’re most comfortable, to improve the chances that you’ll communicate your message effectively.

Search the Internet using keywords that express the idea that you’ve come up with for your marketing campaign, to help determine whether you’ve correctly identified the type of organic searches that will produce information about businesses like yours.

In addition to keywords, tools and advice, these searches can clarify what actually comes up when you use the words you believe are associated with your ad.

Consider information that you must have in your ad. If you’re not a recognized brand, your mobile ad need not have your business name in it besides being part of a website address or as part of any other means you provide for contacting your business such as phone number and address.

People generally don’t like reading through a lot of text and in mobile marketing, this is an even more important rule to remember. Just because your format has room to shove in a lot of words doesn’t mean that will be the most effective means of communicating your message. Especially if your target audience is middle aged, making out words on the small screen can render your advertisement useless.

Go through your text and consider common abbreviations or word substitutions that will not hinder users from understanding your message.

Before you compose your text, consider creating a list of abbreviations that clearly convey meaning, such as supp for supplemental or carbs for carbohydrates. Using these word abbreviations runs little risk of confusing users when they see your ads.

Don’t generate your own abbreviations to save space or to help create a less crowded look, because you’re likely to lose people who simply don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Don’t repeat yourself in mobile marketing. There are many ads that have a company’s logo and then include a text line that includes the company name. On the small screen this will look like a repetition of content because of the close proximity of all content.

Creating mobile marketing content for your business requires a composition style that focuses on making it easy for users to get your message. Consider including some of the criteria above when you compose materials for your mobile marketing campaign.