Using Mobile Marketing to Keep in Touch With Your Customers

More and more in today’s society people are using smart phones to keep in touch with others, shop, and work. This is a great way to get your business integrated into your customer’s daily life. Make sure you follow some simple rules to keep your messages treated like important information instead of spam. This article is here to help you improve your mobile marketing efforts.

People who use smart phones are often “plugged in” pretty much all the time. Be careful though, as these people still have to go about their daily lives, and too many ads will be a negative distraction. Make sure that you time your messages so that they will be received well every time they are sent. No one will thank you for sending a text at 1:00 AM. People may be checking their messages during lunch or at home after work. These are prime times to send out your ad. If you want to be sure the timing is appropriate then keep your messages within normal business hours.

Keep your mobile messages short and to the point. The popularity of Twitter is a good example of how people like to get their information. Get their attention with the first few words and keep the total message within a couple sentences. Make sure you highlight any specials you are offering. People in a hurry will scan for things like coupons or deals and probably completely ignore the message if they don’t see them right away.

You do not want to send out so many ads that your customers unsubscribe. Even the ones who don’t bother to unsubscribe may stop reading your ads if they are too common. Make sure each one is unique, to the point, and useful to the customer. You want to make them feel like they are getting a special treat by responding to your ad.

Sign up for your competitor’s campaigns to see what they are offering. See what about their campaigns you like or dislike and use that to your advantage. You can also use them to time your ads better- you might want to wait on sending out a small, limited campaign if your competitor just sent out a huge one of their own.

Make sure you set reasonable goals for your campaign. This will give you an idea as to how well your campaign is doing. Attach a unique coupon code to each deal you offer so you can easily see how many people respond to each campaign. By using several different methods and checking results you will start to see a pattern of what works and what doesn’t.

You can also use customer feedback as a way to learn about the success of your campaigns. They may have suggestions about how you can improve that you never thought of. The advice is free so make sure you take advantage of it.

Above all, respect the fact that your customers have chosen to receive offers from you. They don’t have to get or read your messages, so when they do, make sure you treat them well.