People are growing more and more attached to their smart phones. They are quickly becoming a tool to interact with the world on a whole new level. Because their phone is something people know and trust, you can use this platform as a way to get your business integrated into customer’s daily lives. A good campaign can target smart phone customers with a great variety of advertising methods. You can essentially give your customers a mini-version of your business that fits in their pockets. If you are willing and ready to learn how to make this advertising method work for you then be sure to keep reading.

Because you are entering people’s personal space, it is best to have people opt-in to getting advertising messages from you. Even if you do so legally, unsolicited ads on these phones can often be viewed as spam. By getting your customers to volunteer a little bit of personal information such as their name, phone number, and email address, you are only sending out messages to customers that are interested in receiving them. It can get tough sometimes, since people are wary to give out personal info. You can sweeten the deal by adding a coupon or other promotion just for signing up. You can also calm their fears by promising them you will not sell their personal information. By keeping their information private, you are also helping to build a relationship of trust between your business and your customers.

Remember that websites look much different on mobile devices than they do on a traditional computer. People must navigate the site by touch on a very small screen. Many businesses create a separate mobile site that can be browsed easily and quickly on mobile devices. You will probably want to get some outside help for this task, as you will want to include coding for all the different mobile platforms within this mini-site. Don’t forget to include a link to go to your full site, for people browsing on tablets or more powerful smart phones.

Most mobile marketing campaigns use either texts or emails to deliver the main message. Since these will often cause a notification to go off on the phone, be sure they are sent during normal waking hours. You customers will not be thanking you if you cause their phone to go off at 2 am. If you are unsure, stick to normal business hours.

Many times, your customers will actually have to pay to see your ad on their mobile device. This can vary from kilobytes to load a webpage or a per-text cost to open your message. As long as your messages are small and to the point, most people who opt-in to your campaigns will not care about the expense. If your messages are too long or your website too bulky, on the other hand, people will go elsewhere to keep their cell bills down.

Mobile marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to your customers and increase repeat business. These tips should get you started with creating your first successful campaign.