As a general rule, people (especially college students, bargain-hunters, and financially-struggling individuals) love free things. They may not necessarily be something the consumer needs desperately– but if it’s free, many people will take up the offer with the price (or lack thereof) being the only incentive. If a free application for smartphones, tablets, or laptops does something the consumer finds valuable, convenient, or humorous, they will download it. They will likely even do this regardless if the app contains commercial advertising, or tried to generate leads for an unrelated product.

Evaluate which types of apps do well. Take into consideration your target audience, and the audiences that use the devices your app is designed for. There is a limited elderly smartphone market, but there is a great audience of teenagers in the same area. Consider, also, that your app should appeal to your audience, which may require advanced design skill, or programming abilities. Know what apps are gaining popularity, and wait for their success to dwindle a bit before sending your app into the market. If it is destined to be a smash hit, it will be more likely to gain momentum as consumers look for the ‘next best app’ after the previous ‘best app’ has lost its novelty.

Consider how you will integrate your marketing message. Be subtle–not too annoying for the consumer, but not something that can be easily overlooked. Be creative–include a link that gives rewards to the player in-game for visiting your website, et cetera. Be persistent with your advertising, but do not make it irritating for the consumer to play the game or use the application.

Consider, also, which privacy concerns come with your marketing model. There are laws and regulations which limit the means and extent to which consumer information can be acquired. Look into these laws to prevent rough knots later in your career.

Try to evaluate how you will promote the app well in advance of releasing it. Apps don’t become successful because you ask your three best friends to use them– you need to market and promote your app by whatever means necessary, within reason.

Consider which parts of Android and Apple APIs (application programming interface) will help you generate your leads. This will be very important as you begin to build your audience. Demographics may help you to spread word of your program–see if these options are available in your brand-specific market.

Mobile apps are great time wasters for consumers, and can be used for entertainment, education, and countless other things. It is with their great usability that generates their incredible marketability. Therefore, they are a great method by which to generate leads for other products. In providing a valuable service, you make your product more likely to spread to thousands of people, and tens of thousands of eyes. This method also allows you to bulk up and build up your brand at a very low overhead cost, thus increasing your revenue from other resources while still resulting in a clear and definite profit.