Text alerts allow you to reach out to your audience and send some short messages to advertise a product or a discount. Keep reading to learn more about text alerts and find out how you can launch a successful campaign.

Get people to sign up for your text alerts by adding a subscription to your site or blog. Your subscription form should be visible and contain a disclaimer stating that you will not share your customers’ phone numbers with anyone. Do not make your customers uncomfortable by asking too many details. You only need a first name and a phone number to send out your text alerts. Creating a subscription form should be very easy if you know PHP. If you are not familiar with this language, you should be able to find free scripts online you can copy and paste into your code.

Find a quality mobile marketing software. There are many programs available and you should take the time to test different programs before you decide which one you want to use. Use this program to store all your contacts, organize them in different lists if you need to and send out text alerts. The best programs will give you access to detailed information on how many recipients opened your messages and follow the links you shared. If you want to measure your impact, you should try sharing a unique coupon code and count how many customers redeem it when they order a product.

Do not send out too many text alerts or your campaign will quickly become intrusive. One text alert a week or every couple of week will be well-received but most customers will quickly get annoyed if they receive text alerts more regularly. Your text messages should include a link or a code people can text back to cancel their subscription. Keep track of how many people unsubscribe and try improving your content or sending less text alerts if you notice that an important number of people are canceling their subscription to your text alerts.

Focus on providing your audience some useful content. You could either text very short messages, coupon codes or links to your mobile website. Use text alerts to share time-sensitive information and get your recipients to take action right away. Text alerts are ideal to promote a new product, get customers to redeem a discount or enter a contest for a chance to win a free product. You could even send some pictures of your products via MMS but keep in mind that downloading pictures can be slow for customers who do not own recent devices. Get some feedback from your audience, for instance by giving them the option to text you back to enter a contest or redeem a discount.

These tips should help you develop a successful campaign based on text alerts. Keep in mind that there are other methods you could use, such as creating a mobile website or some apps but text alerts is the only method that will be accessible to everyone.