When you’re looking to manage the costs of marketing, consider using Google tools to help learn about and test the waters for mobile marketing. Use the tips below to decide whether your mobile marketing strategy should begin with Google.

Learning about what you can do is as important as learning about what it will cost. One of the best things that Google does is provide advice, including step-by-step guidance if you decide to use one of their means of advertising your business.

Look through options for mobile marketing through Google which includes a broad platform of getting your business information seen by people using mobile devices.

Remember that click isn’t dead. While you’ll likely read about many of the drawbacks to and alternatives available to the pay-per-click style of marketing, Google can get your small business mobile using just that model with its AdWords and Google Mobile tools.

By using Google’s mobile marketing tools, you can avoid having to do everything at once such as getting a fantastic website together and creating banner ads or text ads that you’d like to appear in various locations.

One of the great features of creating a Google mobile marketing campaign is that you don’t have to have a website to get started. If you’re a business that’s primarily worked in the brick-and-mortar world and is experimenting with establishing a web presence, you can use Google’s platform to start spreading the word about your business.

Google mobile allows you to direct placement of your ads, to a certain extent, through tools besides effective keyword selection such as by choosing to have your ads appear on mobile search or having them run on Google apps.

As in non-mobile advertising, Google allows marketers to target audiences by zip codes which can help you save money by avoiding advertising your small business in locations where you’re unlikely to get customers. While targeting audiences by zip code can at first glance appear to be a means of limiting your audience, in fact it can effectively help you drill down on where your likeliest customers are.

Pay attention to other marketing materials Google provides you with that also include lessons on how Google mobile marketing works. There’s nothing like learning directly from the horse’s mouth.

Google provides many tools for metrics and analytics, slicing and dicing information for you about how your ads are working according to a variety of criteria.

Even if you decide to employ professionals to manage your mobile marketing campaign, you should spend some time with Google training materials including Google “Playbooks” that describe advertising options and tools.

If you use Google AdWords, you can edit your text by using the Google “campaigns” tab which will provide you with a series of options.

While you establish how much you’ll spend, you’ll want to determine how you’ll measure the effectiveness of your ad.

Managing costs is essential for a small business mobile marketing campaign. Use the suggestions above to determine whether your small business mobile marketing costs could be helped in both cost and in getting the message out about your business by using Google tools for mobile marketing.