Businesses have turned to the Internet for ways to further develop their businesses. This can be done through several different methods. This article will cover the best ways to build an email marketing list to use to expand your customer base as well as your business.

If you have a brick and mortar store, use your customer’s receipt as a way to inform them of your website and email. They can then use the information on the receipt to visit your site, open an account and sign up for your email list. You could offer them a discount on their next purchase if they sign up for your site and an additional discount for signing up to receive your emails.

Offer a newsletter to your customers. Your newsletter could include the latest information about the products you are offering, any promotions and even ideas and tricks on how to use certain products. Keep the information that you include in the newsletter interesting and on topic of what you offer. These newsletters should be sent out on a regular time table. If you want to send one out once a week, or once a month – stick with the schedule. You could also include hidden promo codes throughout the newsletter that the customers can use on your website.

Do not email customers that you do not have permission to email. You could get your IP blacklisted as being a spammer. When you are giving customers the option to sign up for your email list, be sure to include an explanation of what you are going to be sending to them as well as a guarantee that you will not provide their email address to anyone else. Once you have made this promise – keep it!

Do not send out multiple emails in a day. You must refrain from sending out too many emails. Your customers will quickly block your email or even unsubscribe to your emailing list. Also, do not send these emails out during funny hours. Try to keep them restricted to daylight hours. Some people have email alerts on their phones that they keep on their nightstands, and you do not want to wake people for an email that could have easily waited until morning.

Use email-only offers to lure more subscribers to sign up and to keep them coming back to your store. These offers could be an additional percentage off their next order, free shipping or some kind of free item. Products with your company logo are a great way to entice customers to make a purchase and also promote your business at the same time.

The opt out process should be simple. You do not want to make it difficult for your customers to opt out of your emailing list. It is better for them to opt out rather than block your emails. It should be as simple as you can possibly make it.

You now have a great idea of how you can use email marketing to your benefit. Get started today, and soon you will see the benefits that email marketing can have for your business.