Email marketing is a popular method of promoting your business to your customers. The basic premise is simple. However, if not executed correctly, the results will not be what you expect. Read over this article to learn what you should and should not do when implementing an email marketing program for your business.

Keep in mind that people receive numerous emails in the inbox everyday. As a rule of thumb, you should send your emails during regular business hours, and not during odd hours in the middle of the night. Sending out emails during regular hours will remind the customers that you are open for business. Emails that have a time stamp of 3:00 in the morning will usually get ignored because people know that they are automatically generated and probably not specific enough for their needs.

Also keep in mind that people are leery about receiving spams. Many people configured their spam filters to catch any popular words that spammers usually use. Be sure that you do not use those words in your subject line. Do some research on what kind of words they are, and come up another way to convey the same idea.

Nothing is more useless to a customer than an email that is full images that do not display. Some email clients default to not displaying images, and a lot of people leave alone that setting. If you use images in your emails, do not rely on them to display important information. You should make sure that your important information is created in text form so that even if your images do not load, your email will still deliver the important information to your customers.

Keep your emails short and to the point. People do not like to spend a long time reading a single email. They usually just skim through to pick out the ones most important to them. Your emails should discuss just one or two main points, with a call to action if appropriate. If you have a longer message to convey, like a detailed explanation of something, you can create blog content and provide a link to it in your email.

People are also leery of subscribing to too many emails because they do not want their mailbox flooded everyday. Many of them hesitate to sign up because they fear they will be on someone’s list forever. Therefore, to encourage people to sign up, you should clearly explain that they can opt-out at any time without further obligation. Reassure them of your commitment of not sharing their information with any outside party. If you can earn their trust, they are more likely to sign up.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can design an email marketing campaign that is effective and productive. Show your readers that you respect their time by delivering high-quality content. Provide incentives to motivate them to stay on your list. As you build up your email list, you will gradually see an increase in the traffic to your business.