Email marketing is a very simple and effective way to get the attention of your customers. The key is to build a great email blast, then mail it to the audience you are targeting. While it is not a difficult process, there are several things you can do along the way that can lead to marketing failure. Read the advice below if you want to avoid being sent to the email marketing graveyard.

Never send customers emails at times where most of them are probably asleep. This may seem like a given, but many companies do not think about that before they send their emails out. While it is always awake-time somewhere, use common sense when you are trying to decide what time is the best for sending email communications. Try sending them at a time when you are sure at least half of your target audience should be awake and alert.

There are many words people like to use in emails that they think will bring added attention. Phrases like “limited time” and “totally free” may seem like customers would roll in after seeing them, but that is far from the reality. When you send emails with phrases like that, it is very likely that the intended recipients will never read them at all. Most email clients filter emails into the spam folder when they contain words like that.

Emails should be direct and to the point. If you send something too long and drawn out, there is a good chance that some of the recipients will decide to opt out. Be informative, but give users the chance to come to you if they want more detailed information. It is a good idea to give a sneak peek and then provide links to the full text.

Stay professional at all times. This means exactly what it sounds like. While there is nothing wrong with giving customers a peek into who you are, they should not know too much of your personal information. If people feel like you are sharing too much, it may make them uncomfortable, and that increases the chances they will decide not to do any business with you.

The opt out process should not be something that takes forever and a day to complete. When you make things difficult, customers get the impression that you are trying to force them into dealing with you. How likely do you think it is that someone will want to listen to anything you have to say if they feel they are being forced to?

By avoiding all of the mistakes here, you should have a leg-up when it comes to marketing via email. Customers will stick around if they feel like you respect them and their time. The minute they feel like you do not care anymore, they will simply leave and never return to do any more business with you. That is not what you want, so do your best to make them feel appreciated.